E-Powerline Newsletter- 19 Oct 2023

The African Petrochemicals & Energy E-Powerline Newsletter currently has subscribers globally. We focus on online advertising and services. This industry-related newsletter is sent out on a weekly basis in order to keep our readers up to date with all the new developments, trending in various industries.

In this newsletter…

  • REGISTER NOW Petrochemical Roadshow 2023- 2nd Nov 
  • Fuelling the Future with FFS: Your Partner in Energy Transition
  • Case study: Baghouses can be a big source of compressed air leaks
  • Sake Energy Solutions: Tailoring Excellence for the Modern Era
  • Babcock: Elevating Excellence in Plant Hire Solutions
  • AFRISAM Puts Skills Development Front And Centre
  • BMG
  • R200 part saves recycler R-millions
  • SKF hosts educational site visit, empowers…
  • Five-point action plan to decarbonise…
  • Upcoming Sasolburg Petrochemical Roadshow- 2nd Nov 2023

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